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Search engines are a slippery beast.

First and foremost because their algorithms change frequently and it’s an industry secret as to what those algorithms even are. That’s not to say you can’t leverage them to your advantage, it’s just not an exact science. That alone makes it an outlier in the IT world.

There are some basic practices we know for certain will ensure you get a fair representation on search engines. However, getting some of the top spots on Google can take a bit more work. This is usually an extended process with ongoing tweaks and audits. There is one (sort of) alternative to all this, paid advertising.

Paid advertising is a great way to jumpstart or promote a new brand. However, you may find sustained usage can be expensive. If you’re truly in this for the long haul, the best thing is pushing hard on your organic listing optimisations (maybe with some paid advertising to kick-start things).

Organic listings tend to get stronger with time. In one or two years when others are starting up, they will have a very hard time getting past you.

Let’s tame the Google beast together.